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BERLIN Stillgelegt/Kiezreport 6de.de

June 28 @ 7:00 pm - June 30 @ 7:00 pm CEST

BERLIN Stillgelegt
Photography by Kevin Schulzbus
The photo exhibition by Kevin Schulzbus presents analog and digital photographs taken over several years in Berlin. The genuine Berlin photographer and videographer writes the following words about “BERLIN Stillgelegt”: “Free space. What is space. Space in the city. Free space. That is not used. Disused, old, unused space. Areas that lie fallow. Neglected. Useless. And yet so beautiful. I love these places, which are becoming fewer and fewer in Berlin. On my countless kilometers by foot through Berlin, I have collected a large collection of these un-places, non-places and open spaces over 25 years. Disused, forgotten places that are so wonderfully monotonous and yet varied in their own way that you absolutely must not let them fall into oblivion.”
Kevin Schulzbus
Kiezreport 6de.de

Photo and video exhibition by Hannes Jahreis of the street artist “! “@SeX#─────██████████════█ -_- .“
Since 1995, the Berlin street artist ! “@SeX#─────██████████════█ -_- .“
has felt called upon to leave his mark on Berlin’s urban space with brush and paint. In the future, the previously more temporary events are to appear more permanently in the cityscape. He usually applies his signs to garbage, bulky waste, building sites or posters and creates in silence what only works in chaos. Many of you may be familiar with the painted 6, a 6-lettering consisting of ONE line, which also fits in with his keySstroke computer technology. This is about the technical possibility of opening one or more websites or entering text with ONE action on 2 adjacent keys.
The exhibition shows a documentary series of his work, interpreted by Hannes Jahreis through video and black and white photography and gives us a small insight into his forays and his creations.

Curated by Katia Hermann

About the photographers:
Kevin Schulzbus, born in Berlin in 1984, is one of the capital’s most active urban photographers. Sometimes more, sometimes less on, above and below the streets of Berlin, his paths automatically lead him to his motifs. By exposing the different layers that the big city brings with it, Kevin shows the true face of Berlin and its characters. Artists, people on and off the street, friends or chance acquaintances pose skillfully, some unskillfully, in front of the photographer’s lens. Situations, coincidences and events that are not exactly everyday occurrences shape the documentary works and characterize the styles that Kevin has acquired over the years.
Hannes Jahreis likes to walk the streets of Berlin at night with his camera.


June 28 @ 7:00 pm CEST
June 30 @ 7:00 pm CEST
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Reuterstr. 62, 12047 Berlin, Germany


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