october, 2020

25oct3:15 pm4:45 pmStreet Fighting Seminar - Dirty TacticsHit first, hit hard, and hit in just the right spot! BOOK EARLY: The class size is limited and it fills up fast!L

Event Details

Learn to recognise when it’s about to kick off, learn to shut it down before he gets started. Learn how to disappear, keep out of sight, and harness our fear and emotions. Be dirty, and win! Go home in one piece, and learn to walk fearlessly.

Are you scrawny? Weak, small? There are ways around that! Learn to borrow your opponents force and maximise your own.
Learn how to neutralise his size advantage! Is he pumping roids, screaming in your face? Learn how to wish him a goodnight, even if you’re half his size.
Are you big and strong, but still don’t know how to finish off the situation? Learn the fastest and easiest ways to do just that!
Learn how most confrontations start, what the most common situations are and how to deal with them. Bar fights, multiple opponents, road rage and drunk/intoxicated people attacks. How to fight in a train, or on an elevator, or a closed space.
This seminar is aimed at streetfights and streetfighting skills, a male on male type situation. However of course, as usual, ALL are welcome, men, women and all genders and races. Street fighting is common to us all, and at Island Wing Chun Berlin we are committed to a tolerant, welcoming space for everyone.
Instructions for entering the building: Main street doors are OPEN, push to enter. Go through the second set of doors on the ground floor, into the courtyard. Go up the second door on the left up the little brick staircase, through the door to the building, and up one flight of stairs to the first floor. The door on the left will be open.
This seminar will be taught in the studio, all corona restrictions are adhered to. Indoor shoes please and masks for entering the building!
The Island system of self-defence is rooted in instructor Oliver Sotra’s 17 years of Wing Chun Kung Fu training with some the world’s most respected and renowned masters. Years of living in rough cities and endless hours of meditation, study and practice mean that you will learn very quickly and efficiently something that is the culmination of a long line of knowledge, passed down through generations and refined on the streets of Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Athens and Belgrade.
This is a tolerant space. All people of all races, genders, skill levels, creed, colour or orientation are welcome, and absolutely no discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. True power stems from peace, tolerance and fairness. However you will be taught to treat any attacker very UNfairly indeed!
At this seminar you will be introduced to the rudiments of Wing Chun Kung Fu. A hand to hand combat system based on the fundamental principles of centre line (keeping ones own protected and attacking your opponents), balance, and guard. You will be instructed in several of the most effective and accessible self defence techniques:
1) How to avoid confrontation
2) How to disable an opponent no matter their size by taking out their balance centres, and vulnerable zones
3) How to strike with the maximum amount of momentum and power the human body is capable of generating
4) How to be dirty, ‘cheap’, and win. There is no ‘fairness’ on the street
5) How to use your surroundings to your advantage
No smoking, drugs (including marijuana), alcohol, or any other form of inebriation will be accepted.
Please come showered, clean, and in loose, comfortable clothing. A clean change of indoor training shoe is recommended.
No food and only water allowed.


(Sunday) 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm