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SUBMUSIK no 9 – scenic collage of sonic action-poetry-sound art-performance

May 4 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm CEST

we welcome you to no 9 of the SUBMUSIK series at
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin-Mitte
but first an important note:
admission is 19:30.
the doors to the theater will be closed at 20:00.
this means that admission is no longer possible after 20:00.
scenic collage of sonic action, sound art, poetry and performance
the Submusik series, initiated and organized by p o e s i . f y s i k . tries to let poetry, action and experimental sound become a seemingly natural organic unity.
Submusik no 9 is a “special”; in contrast to previous Submusik evenings, this time far more poets, sound artists and performers will bring a scenic collage of various collaborations and solo performances to the stage, which will line up or even mixed without interruption.
Duration approx. 150 minutes
Submusik no 9 with
the poets/sound poets
Asta D, Dora Bleu, Lady Gaby, Clemens Schittko,

the soundartists
Carina Khorkhordina, Seht Z, Grgur Savic, Maximilian Glass,
p o e s i . f y s i k .
the performance artist
Beate Linne
some statements by the artists :
p o e s i . f y s i k . is the Danish spelling of a term we borrowed from Francois Dufrene.
p o e s i . f y s i k . are Uwe Moellhusen, visual-, sound-, action- and performance artist, composer, DIY organizer of exhibitions, events and performance festivals
and Wolfgang Nick, visual-, performance- and sound artist.
p o e s i . f y s i k . deals with the interrelation of cognition – action – sound or physical action as a compositional impulse for a sound event.
p o e s i . f y s i k . is the actionist vehicle of the artist space and studio G A R A G E : in Berlin. . . . .G A R A G E : is a meeting point for various artists who present or perform their experimental works there.
p o e s i . f y s i k . free, electro-acoustic action or noise music in motion.
p o e s i . f y s i k . performs exclusively with misappropriated objects found on the street and defective, modified instruments.
p o e s i . f y s i k . is poetic action: the combination of sound action, sound poetry and the poetry of all languages.
p o e s i . f y s i k . is freedom without arbitrariness, a freedom that never understands itself as absolute, but only ever claims the moment and thus remains open to change.
p o e s i . f y s i k . is never in the service of morality or politics.
Grgur Savić
is a Croatian-German experimental composer, saxophonist and contemporary musical improviser. His artistic research is focused on the development of contemporary and experimental repertoire based on the basics of extended instrumental techniques, and graphic compositions with a focus on new music technologies and experimental electronics.
Predominantly experimental, intuitive and non-linear, creating through numerous mediums and technologies such as graphic scoring, feedback in electronics, field recordings and live performance – working largely in different electro-acoustic environments.
Aside from leading his main projects – PITCH SHIFTING, Ensemble The FOR:M, G.S – VORTEX and TANGIBLE FUZZ he dedicate much of his activities to collaborative and solo set performances exploring the combination of amplified acoustic instruments and objects (prepared saxophones, clarinets, flutes, objects, pipes), with main interest to closely blend or to recreate the sounds from different types of human-made machines, surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal or plant lives or operates.
Since mid 2023 he curates “das Ende” experimental music series at Prenzlauer Berg together with Richard Scott and Sanja Star.
Asta D
a Danish performer, visual artist, poet and archaeologist living in Berlin.
She writes and does vocal and sound poetry performances, happenings, visual art, zines, and artist books. Mostly. Sometimes she does other things. She likes to get inspired by the poetry of incompleteness and sometimes continue the story perhaps in another media, perhaps years later. She likes to combine and transform things. For her, everything is naturally and organically connected.
“The duo Da Da Da is a collaboration between Asta D. and Grgur Savic. Together they compose theatrical and semi-absurd performances based on written and improvised text, improvised sound poetry and sound actions using acoustic instruments and props.”
Dora Bleu
from New York, now living in Berlin,
“Through vocal expressions and sounds, Dora Bleu explores intimacy as the place where the imperializing war state replenishes itself. With eruptions of traumas composed by narrative time, uneven compositions filled with stark silences and bent notes, her songs ignore genres to exhume vulnerable and dreamlike states.
” the longform narrative structures Geller weaves…the overall mood is malevolent and dark..a sound as comforting as the creak of a noose held tight by a twisting corpse.” The Wire
Beate Linne
performance art and visual artist
As a visual artist I am working mainly in the field of performance art, including Video and installation. Beside my solo works, I have been collaborated in the artist Duo Linne&Vaara, with Black Market International, Bálint Sombathy and others. I give workshops and have been active as a co-curator for several international Performance art festivals like Transart Communication (HU), the International Performance Art Festival Blow! (DE) and the International Live Art Festival OPEN 19 (CN) and international performance art meeting NO W HERE (FI.) My academic studies rage from fine arts to architecture, German language and social work. This wide range of experiences and knowledge constitutes the basis of my art. I am a curious person and eager to exchange with other people and keen on working with artists from different disciplines and cultures. In the last years I have been travelling around the world and I am glad to have the opportunity to those exchanges and the associated incentives that challenges me to continue developing my art constantly. My art works have been presented in different context internationally.
Lady Gaby
is a Berlin-based spoken word & performance and visual artist, labelled ‘the Peaches of spoken word’ in Berlin, ‘oddly poetic’ & ‘flamboyant, upbeat’ by The Age, Melbourne , “Story teller extraordinaire by The Melbourne Times, ‚A true artist ahead of Berlin‘ by journalist Nadja Sayej, the Mae West of slams by Kaput magazin and ‚provocative‘ by The Pill in Prague. She is a regular performance artist & writer on Berlin’s scene, one of Berlin’s 10 best poets to look out for in 2018.
Originally from Romania, arrived in Berlin via Melbourne. Widely published, her spoken-word, poetry, short stories and non-fiction articles have appeared in international journals, online sites, CD compilations, magazines and literature anthologies. She has performed, curated & showed text based, photos, collages and video works at many galleries and festivals across Europe, Australia and New York City.
Seht Z
also unknown as 5E7H or C3T or Séte is a brazilian artist, musician, performer, synthesist and pataphysician currently living in Berlin.
His research revolves topics such as chaos, subjective cosmogonies and escathologies, cybernetics and absurdism.
www.setherian.com / https://sethism.bandcamp.com/
Maximilian Glass
is a sound and visual artist living in Berlin. With a background in radioart he is composing and researching in- and outside complementary relationships by shaping material and space through movement and sound. His work is based on individual and collective processes including interdisciplinary collaborations, site-specific actions and self-build instruments.
Carina Khorkhordina
is a trumpet player, photographer and an interdisciplinary artsit living in Berlin since 2014. Aside from developing her music on the trumpet and playing concerts she is working on a series of site-specific performances in the public space of Berlin in collaboration with different musicians, presented as short films and bringing together her interest in urban space, sonic possibilities of the trumpet, field recordings and video documentation.
She has been performing in the context of improvised and experimental music since 2017. The active groups include the duo with Eric Bauer, Slurge (with Eric Bauer, Burkhard Beins, Wolfgang Seidel), Klub Demboh, the duo with Axel Dörner and the trio with Eric Bauer and Lena Czerniawska, as well as a variety of ongoing collaborations.
Between 2016 and 2020 she was a student of various photography programs at FotoDepartament Institute in St. Petersburg.
Clemens Schittko,
poet, lives in Berlin (Friedrichshain) and will perform recent dramatic short texts.
His most recent publication is “alles gut” (Ritter Verlag, Klagenfurt and Graz 2023).
“Marx’s bon mot, quoted to death, that one must play one’s own melody to the circumstances in order to make them dance – in Clemens Schittko’s poems it would one day find its fulfillment. In the arrangement of things, their order becomes fragile, in the emptying of phrases and concepts, their hidden meaning emerges. However, Schittko’s montage method not only distorts the phrasal nature of the world to the point of recognizability in terms of ideological criticism, but also unleashes its grotesque comedy; even in the crescendo of his tirades, their Bernhardian exaggeration, an anarchic laughter prepares itself, a laughter that wants to break out.”
“Clemens Schittko gives the world the middle finger.”
– Deutschlandfunk Kultur


May 4
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm CEST
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ACUD Theater


Uwe Moellhusen
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